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Easy to use functionality

Use KODI to setup up the best DVR functionality. Believe me your DVR never functioned like this. Record whatever you want, whenever you want and with ease of use.

  • Record your shows.
    This is the only DVR you will need.
  • Playback on a device.
    Watch while at home, on the road wherever you are whenever you want.
  • Control your experience.
    You have the convenience of Pause/Play, Fast-Forward, Rewind, and stop when you want to on all programs

You can take it anywhere!

Use any IPTV app and you can watch these services on the go!

  • Android Devices
    use a any app or streaming service with our devices.
  • IOS Devices - Coming Soon
    we will have support for these devices soon
  • Kodi Integration
    Use  Kodi on our devices with ease.
  • Plex Integration - Releasing September 2018
    Use Plex on our devices.

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Cable TV is a thing of the past streaming is the new way to watch TV!